Return of the WoW Fling

April 11th, 2010 by Mike

Even though I promised myself I wouldn’t, I’ve resumed playing World of Warcraft again. When I started at Atlassian I was introduced to our WoW guild and it didn’t take long before they convinced me to return.

I played for one and a half years from the start of 2005 to mid-2006, where the friend who got me into it created an enormous guild who would do multiple MC runs every week and had quite a presence on the server. Eventually it became too much upkeep and the guild dissolved some months after I left. Besides the enormous time-suck, it was an amazing experience coordinating with up to 40 people at a time to accomplish tough goals.

The work guild is much more casual and therefore not as much of a time-suck. The return was filled with nostalgia, but since there has been two expansion packs there’s a lot of new game content to explore (which I will probably never get through completely!). They have also improved the game to remove a lot of the annoyances and pointless time-wasting things to help reduce frustration.

You can follow the progress of my main character here.

Changes around the house

February 6th, 2010 by Mike

Our beloved housemate Steve has moved to Melbourne. The weekend he moved down (January 30) was busy because:

  • on Friday I helped Steve load his stuff into his rental truck,
  • on Saturday I helped Nath move stuff from his old room to Steve’s old room, and
  • on Sunday I helped Dyan move into Nath’s old room.

To top it off, I dropped Christine off at her dad’s so he could take her to the airport early Monday morning for her five week trip to Japan.

The moves all seemed to go quite well, although it was sad saying goodbye to Christine since she’ll be gone with her friends for ages. Before she left we launched her new cooking blog, which she has started to fill up quickly and will no doubt have loads of content to add when she returns. Maybe with the extra time I have I can make some improvements to my own site!

Job #3 for 2009

November 24th, 2009 by Mike

Well I can’t say I intend to make a habit out of this, but I have changed jobs again. This makes it the second job change and the third job I’ve had this year!

I had an amazing 6 months with Morgan Creative but after a partnering company unexpectedly withdrew their support, they weren’t able to keep me on. I was very sad to leave because I was working with awesome people on awesome stuff in an awesome location.

During my job search I was basically looking for three things:

  • a larger company,
  • a ‘cool’ office environment/culture, and
  • a recognised name.

This led me to Atlassian, who have been growing fast. They’re a big name in software, especially for Sydney. The company is filled with really smart people and the culture is still very start-upish, which is awesome. I’ve been brought on as a Support Engineer for JIRA Studio, a hosted version of virtually all Atlassian products.

The whole process, from the interviewing stages to having just finished my second day, has been great. Everyone is very friendly and it’s clear that they really do care about people over processes. I think I’m going to like it here!