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Ikea bed slats woes

Friday, September 4th, 2009

Last year after moving out of my parents’ home I decided to ‘splash out’ and get a queen-sized bed and a nice latex mattress. Since Ikea is nearby it made sense to give them a go.

I ended up purchasing a Ramberg bed, which was curiously discontinued not too long after I bought it. I was also going to buy the mattress from Ikea but they were out of stock, so I had to go somewhere else for it (and sleep on slats and a foam mattress for a week or so).

When purchasing certain beds from Ikea, they  have to be bought in pieces – the actual bed frame, the mid-beam and the slats. I bought the cheapest slats, called Sultan Lade, which were $50 each (I needed two sets since I had a queen-sized bed). Interestingly these are the only slats not covered by Ikea’s 25 year warranty.

One of the slats broke very soon after purchase and another one broke just recently, prompting me to go out and get all-new slats. I wasn’t sure which ones I could use (there’s quite a range), especially since my bed frame was discontinued, so it was hard to research. Eventually I went out and got some Sultan Lillåker curved slats for $100 (I only needed one set thankfully, as one set contains two ‘rolls’ of slats).

The slats fit into the bed frame without any problems, but within minutes I discovered that the slats would slip off the mid-beam very easily.

I tried stuffing some padding in between the outside of the frame and the slats to force them to stay on the mid-beam. All this accomplished was that the slats fell off the mid-beam instead! I tried getting some twine and tying the slats tightly around the mid beam. This appeared to work for a day but the slats did still eventually fall off the mid beam. I also tried tightening the frame as much as possible.

The only other thing I can think of trying is to get a thin, strong piece of wood to place on top of the mid beam to effectively widen it.  I’m not sure if this will work or not, but I will update this post with the result!

Edit: Due to some strange circumstances, I never got around to trying out the ‘plank of wood’ idea. It turned out that during the construction of the bed frame, we failed to put in the screws as per these instructions:IKEA Ramberg Bedframe - Step 8Luckily I found the original screws (from over a year ago)! After pushing and holding the sides in while screwing these screws into the frame to stop it from sagging out, the slats no longer slip off 🙂

All Out, All Change

Sunday, May 10th, 2009

Since I’m finishing up at my current job I didn’t need my usual weekly train ticket. I figured it would be cheaper just to purchase a return ticket each day for the few days I had left.

One particular morning I handed over a $20 note and asked for one of these tickets (which costs about $7) and the man behind the counter gave me the ticket with $3 change. I mentioned this to him expecting him to remember what I gave him, but he said “Well I believe you gave me $10, so I’d have to do a full cash count”. It was a couple of minutes before the train came and there was a huge line behind me, so there was no way I was going to make a huge scene and inconvenience everyone because of this guy’s mistake. I just went down to the platform, fuming that my $7 ticket had cost $17.

I may have doubted what note I gave him except for the fact that I had recently been to an ATM and all the notes in my wallet were from that (which doesn’t dispense $10 notes). I was fuming 😛

I went back that night on my way home where there was a different person staffing the booth. After explaining the situation she said they mentioned the till was $10 and to come back tomorrow morning.

I followed her advice and when I got to the ticket booth I mentioned to the (different) man what happened yesterday. He immediately recognised me and kept saying repeatedly “You were right mate,” and headed off to the safe at the back of the room. As he pulled some money out of the safe, the man responsible for giving me incorrect change popped his head into view from behind somewhere else and apologised profusely.

I used the $10 they returned to buy a return ticket for that day. I was happy to get the money back but the fact that I got an apology too was really great. While CityRail services and trains are quite horrible, I have generally found the staff to be good.