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Changes around the house

Saturday, February 6th, 2010

Our beloved housemate Steve has moved to Melbourne. The weekend he moved down (January 30) was busy because:

  • on Friday I helped Steve load his stuff into his rental truck,
  • on Saturday I helped Nath move stuff from his old room to Steve’s old room, and
  • on Sunday I helped Dyan move into Nath’s old room.

To top it off, I dropped Christine off at her dad’s so he could take her to the airport early Monday morning for her five week trip to Japan.

The moves all seemed to go quite well, although it was sad saying goodbye to Christine since she’ll be gone with her friends for ages. Before she left we launched her new cooking blog, which she has started to fill up quickly and will no doubt have loads of content to add when she returns. Maybe with the extra time I have I can make some improvements to my own site!