Sharp, stabbing pains when coughing

Shortly after I started my new job I developed a bit of a cough. It was quite annoying and lasted about two weeks, although there were no other symptoms besides coughing. I was glad it didn’t develop into a full cold.

However, just as the cough started to subside, I began experiencing a sharp stabbing pain around my lower right rib cage whenever I coughed. This pain increased over time and it became painful to move that area of my body.

After a bit of research (mainly here) I discovered that I had pulled an Intercostal muscle.

I bought some cough syrup, which did ease my coughing a bit. Fortunately the cough subsided just as the pain was getting quite bad. I also found that pressing my hand up against the sore spot as I coughed would lessen the pain a little.

It took about two or three weeks for the muscle strain to go away completely. It really mucked up my running schedule because I stopped when the cough started and, because of the subsequent muscle strain, couldn’t start again for over a month!

In retrospect I should have bought the cough syrup earlier, as reducing the amount of coughing even by a little bit could have helped me avoid the muscle strain entirely.

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  1. aab Says:

    i’ve experienced stabbing pain on my left side when coughing. difficult to get in and out of bed. mri did not find anything. imo its a strained stomach muscle. just suffered through it. good rest and cough suppressant helps.

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