Farm Town Madness

My parents (of all people) got me on to this new Facebook application called Farm Town (made by SlashKey). Normally I don’t add these kinds of applications because they’re generally time wasters, but since my parents were spending so much time on it (and had roped in my sister) I gave in.

Ploughing some fields with some onions growing in the background.

Ploughing fields with onions growing in the background.

You basically have your own farm where you can plough fields, plant crops, harvest crops, sell crops (the main source of income), plant fruit trees, sell fruit, buy animals, houses, barns, fences, paths and even increasing the size of your land.

It also keeps track of various achievements and awards trophies based on that, which can unlock new abilities. For example, if you get enough neighbours (other Facebook friends playing the game who agree to be your neighbour) you will be able to sell items you’ve purchased instead of just deleting them.

If you’re short on funds you can go to the Market Place to ask for work harvesting other people’s crops. People have incentive to hire people because it doesn’t actually cost anything and the resulting crops sell for more than if they did it themselves.

It’s quite addictive when you start out but now that I’ve hit level 24 it’s starting to lose its appeal. There’s simply too much land to deal with and it’s not challenging to get large sums of money with valuable crops like onions and pumpkins.

I don’t really know why I’m posting about this game. Maybe I just feel it desrves it because of how long it has kept me entertained for 😉


2 Responses to “Farm Town Madness”

  1. Marcus Says:

    How long can you keep a crop that is ready for harvest, before it spoils? Does it vary by crop? I’ve been losing some crops lately because I did not harvest them soon enough. This happened when Farmtown was unavailable to me at harvest time. Anybody know about this?? Thanks

  2. Mike Says:

    Hi Marcus,

    The time it takes for a crop to go bad depends on how long it takes for the crop to mature.

    For example, grapes take 4 hours to mature so they will go rotten about 4 hours after they ripen (about 8 hours after you plant them).

    If you can’t get to Farm Town for a while, make sure you choose a crop that has a long maturation time.

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